The Second Best Thing in Life

pizza singapore

They say that the best things in life are free. Ever wonder what the second best thing in life could be? Pizza definitely! Yellow Cab Singapore will not disappoint you, your friends, or your family with their famous signature pizzas and a whole lot more! Just imagine the beauty of an empty pizza dough waiting to be topped off by a tomato ketchup together with your favourite toppings plus, the very tasty mozzarella cheese.

There are countless reasons to why people think that pizza is the second best thing in life.

Pizza isn’t just a normal bread. It is topped with every topping that you could ever wish for, and would still taste just as if you’re in heaven.

Ever got your heart broken? Don’t worry, because pizza will never break your heart! You may encounter some situations that did not go well all throughout the day, but best believe that eating your favourite slice of pizza will surely wash all the pain away. Plus, if your best buddies weren’t able to make up for the movie night, pizza can still be your best company.

Low on budget but is craving for pizza? Get your apron on and say no more to your pizza cravings! Another good thing about why pizza is the second best thing in life, is because it is very easy to recreate your own with your desired, or available toppings at home!

Visiting a sick friend, or going to a house party but have no idea what to bring? Pizza, of course! You can order as many boxes as you want, and sharing pizza together with your loved ones would be a really great feeling! Pizza is also known as the “social food”, so that’s a bonus and is really perfect for parties, reunions, and gatherings.

Do you believe that all superheroes wear cape? If yes, then sorry to burst your bubble, but your pizza delivery guy can save the day and be your superhero, but without a cape, but has pizza boxes! It’s really exciting to hear the doorbell ring knowing that the pizza delivery guy is here to save the day, right? Plus, it’s a lot let hassle especially if you’re feeling way too comfortable staying at home with your pyjamas on.

You disagree with pineapples together with pizza? Not a problem! People have different opinions and different tastes in food. The hot topic between putting pineapple on pizza, and not putting pineapple on pizza has been all over the internet. If you think that pineapple goes with pizza then that’s okay! If you think that pineapple does not go with pizza then that’s okay! A pizza is still a pizza and that won’t change the fact that it will still taste like you’re in heaven.

Having the same old fight with your boyfriend or your girlfriend because both parties cannot decide on where to eat? Yellow Cab Pizza in Singapore is the exact place to be! Aside from their signature pizzas, there are a lot more variety of food to choose from! Yellow Cab Pizza in Singapore will satisfy your taste buds, and you definitely won’t regret going home to a full tummy. It’s always nice to relax and chill together with someone you love whether it may be day or night, or summer or winter, just as long as you have your favourite pizza to share it with.


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